април 10, 2014



With the first opening, sun clustering like an
Old street rocks, paling yet good for going away
Am I brave enough?
By stubborn rule of my sensitive soul and pussy
Leaves are never falling on me
No danger or need to

Stop and feel this occupied measurements-
Love is bringing points in a
Semi life proposals.

Isn’t that funny

In the clinched parts of my arms
There is eternity until the morning-

Peter was a nice boy
Peter was a prince of deserted Warsaw rivers
So by nature I was doomed not to give him what he wanted
I will not kill myself in you, I will not kill myself at all.

No religion or taste of blood
No- I will forever be this sight, and more
No  more strong beliefs of special connections that will turn out fine
No connections-
The city was making revolution against me
And all the parks were shrinking in shadows of
Long, centrally positioned sun

I deserved it, we all did-

The babies were asking for fathers
They were about 30
Well, father is lost in the war we are sorry
But you have to realize and comprehend

Realize and comprehend
Am I brave enough
For lined spaces that will bring me to
Open sea, vine and tea in the summerhouses
Belonging everywhere, just a bit lost?

She is losing her language
The city whispered in vane, occupied with
Well built families fucked by teachers of history
She is in the middle of transition to be a
Good person:
Like Peter
Peter was a good boy
Ready for everything but, oh gods
Dumped in the Sheol with no regrets

In the clinched parts of my arms
There is something to be understood

But its spring and
We have to be happy
Everything seems to be so wide and open, woe
There is no time, no time at all


So the moon was crunching  flowers
And I realized that Deny was a violent man.

Like a raphinae, he always walked carefully,
Ate a lot, slept like a murder, fucked in the ass

Was I too self protective when sensing a mirror reflecting
between us
In the neo bed
Just a play made of strong, unshaped lights
And sentence once made to make him mad
About this poem and eastern european male names
Bad cars, strong karmas and things never to be understood

Was I good in making plans
Procreating lover on a thigh
Expecting not to care about freedom and
Did I survive?

(It doesn’t matter that you don’t know who is
Shoulders can be considerably wider than a soul)

And did you grow even more since I left?

Mostly permanent, this words strangled with a sweat of
Debt-high celling rooms of poor buildings

And I realize.

What is rising with leavings is a bit mythological
A bit funny.

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