април 19, 2014

Odlomak II


Don’t be afraid of me Doron boy
(look, in the night I invented your green eyes,
Slovakian fairytale with
Red skirted girls)
Be afraid of the murmuring sound of gentle, crying ones
In the tree orgasms, crushing with sadness
Be scared from tears that are poring 
To slow, to watery, simultaneously
And asses always positioned towards the walls.

Will the day reopen if you start to speak
And seeking for desire will you find a
Swimming in the air?

And do you dare in the century of falling in love
To be disproportional observer
Measuring me with the open eyes of a frog
Never kissed, never on a ground

In waiting hours I realized that you didn’t ask for
I don't believe in humanity, coordination,
We'll all die, and if not we'll just be more alone.
Seeking for the goal of lifetime sweating
You dangerous, gentle soul

Did your kind stroll from bed to bed
Feeling great pain every time when eternity collapse, oh
Summer, once brought a lover more dominate than others
Covering past with a sperm and shit
Wasn’t it?

But everything is ending and beginning so fast
With a great pleasure and movements in stomach
Many others
Feel the same, don’t be afraid
It’s a shame- all this glittering  of the sky
Reflecting your face-receiving nothing
Except love

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